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Defence Procurement Organisation – Defence Procurement Board (Dpb)

Published Sep 27, 2018
Updated Jul 08, 2020

The DPB is constituted as follows:

Chairman: Defence Secretary

Members: Secretary, Dept. of Defence Production and Supplies Secretary, Defence Research and Development Secretary, Defence Finance Vice Chief of Defence Staff (VCDS)/CISC till VCDS is appointed. Vice Chief of Army Staff (VCOAS) Vice Chief of Naval Staff (VCNS) Vice Chief of Air Staff (VCAS) Special Secretary (Acquisition)

Member Secretary: Financial Advisor (Acquisition)

DGQA/ DGAQA will attend meetings as special invitees as required. DCOAS (P&S), ACAS (P) and ACNS (P&P) will attend meetings related to their respective Integrated HQs’ acquisition proposals. The Board may co-opt other Principal Staff Officers (PSOs) and any other person(s) as required.


The DPB will oversee all activities related to acquisition on the capital account in the Department of Defence flowing out of the ‘Buy’ and ‘Buy & Make’ decisions of the DAC. It will function as the body responsible for the co-ordination, supervision and monitoring of the acquisition process.

The major roles and functions of the DPB will be:

(a) Set out the Annual Acquisition Plan for the three Services (based on approval of the Five Years Capital Acquisition Plan by DAC) for incorporation in the next Annual Budget by 30 Sep of each year.
(b) Carrying out such amendments in the annual plan as deemed necessary on account of operational urgencies, budgetary provisions or any other exigencies, based on recommendations made by Integrated Services HQs/ Defence Staff/DoD/Defence (Finance)
(c) Confirm/modify the inter-se and intra-se priorities of acquisition proposals of the Services and recommend modifications for approval by RM in the pattern of resource sharing on the Capital
account related to acquisition of weapons, equipment and weapon systems among the Services.
(d) Accord approval/recommend the scales of authorisation and usage of Capital account items within RM’s powers or those requiring approval of Ministry of Finance/Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) based on projections from Integrated Services HQs and recommended by the Defence Staff to the Board and from DoD/ DDP&S/Defence(Finance) to the Board .
(e) Monitor progress of major schemes and decide on creation of ‘Equipment Induction Cells’ (EICs) in Integrated Services HQs. for specific projects in consultation with Integrated Services Headquarters.
(f) Accord approval for procurement on ‘Single Vendor’ basis for acquisition in excess of Rs50Crores based on recommendations from Integrated Services HQs and comments of the Acquisition Wing and Defence(Finance).
(g) All Qualitative Requirements (QRs) from Integrated Services Headquarters will be divided into ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ categories. The procedure for handling waiver/amendment of both types of parameters should be set out by the Acquisition Wing in the revised Procurement procedures being developed by them.
(h) Approve emergency purchases, when necessary, within RM’s delegated powers.
(i) Perform other functions as may be allotted by the DAC/ RM from time to time.
DPB will also examine proposals from the Acquisition Wing regarding procurement procedures and will make the necessary changes in the procurement process after approval by the RM.