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Defence Procurement Organisation – Defence Acquisitions Council

Published Sep 28, 2018
Updated Jul 06, 2020

A Defence Acquisitions Council has been created as an overarching structure with the following composition:-

Chairman: Raksha Mantri (RM)

Members: Raksha Rajya Mantris (RRMs) Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) (when appointed) Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) Chief of Air Staff (CAS) Defence Secretary Secretary Dept. of Defence Production and Supplies Secretary, Defence Research and Development Secretary, Defence Finance Vice Chief of Defence Staff (when appointed)/CISC Special Secretary (Acquisition)

Member Secretary: Dy. Chief of Defence Staff (PP&FD)


The DAC will perform the following functions:

(a) Give ‘in principle’ approval to Capital acquisitions in the Long Term Perspective Plan (LTPP) covering a 15-year time span at the beginning of a Five Year Plan period. (The approval will, in particular, identify the ‘Make’ projects in the Perspective Plan where long gestation periods are involved).

(b) Give ‘in principle’ acceptance of necessity to each Capital acquisition project for incorporation in the forthcoming Five Year Plan, at least nine months before the commencement of the first year of that plan. The approval will involve the identification of
Either – ‘Buy’ Projects (outright purchase)

Or – ‘Buy and Make’ projects (purchase followed by licensed production/ indigenous development)

Or – ‘Make’ Projects (indigenous production and R&D)

(c) Monitor the progress of major projects on a feedback from the Defence Procurement Board.

The DAC will meet as required. The approval in principle should be seen as first step in the process of ‘acceptance of necessity’ by the concerned Administrative Wing in MoD in consultation with Defence(Finance) and as a recommendation for eventual consideration of FM/CCS (as required).

The decision of RM based on DAC deliberations will flow down from implementation to Defence Procurement Board, Defence Production Board and Defence R&D Board.