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Data Int Report: Afghanistan Violence May 2019

Published Jun 07, 2019
Updated Apr 25, 2020

There was a 37 percent spike in casualties in Afghanistan month on month in May 2019, with aggressive operations undertaken by the Government forces as per Pajhwok News Data.

Month wise compilation recorded by Pajhwok News an Afghan news site denotes that there has been a spike in month on month casualties in May which is a cause for concern.

Casualties were caused due to 210 attacks, 37 percent higher compared to April.

1,317 people were killed and 995 others injured in attacks in 30 provinces of the country as recorded by the Pajhwok News.

Approximately 50 percent of the casualties were in encounters indicating that a high number of those involved could be Afghan security forces or the Taliban/Islamic State or Daesh.

 18 percent casualties were in air strikes, eight percent in blasts which could also include a large number of civilians.

Afghan Ministry of Defense supported by the Resolute Support Mission has launched vigorous operations under Acting Defence Minister Asadullah Khalid, while violence may increase in the coming months with activities for the Presidential elections likely to see a spike.

There was an increase in the number of attacks by Afghan security forces by 20 % in May.

The provinces of Nangarhar , Faryab , Helmand and Kandahar , Ghazni and Jawzjan  have seen maximum violence in 2019 so far.

There has been no violence in Bamyan, Nuristan and Panjsher.

Kabul saw a spike in violence in May and the trend is continuing in June.

The reasons for the spike could be related to the beginning of the campaigning season when the Afghan forces as well as the Taliban have launched Operations named Khalid and Fatah respectively.

While in May Ramazan was expected to be more peaceful with an appeal for cease fire made by the Government which was not responded to by the Taliban.

Pajhwok reports that four civilians were killed and eight others injured in a rocket attack from Pakistan in the Sepera district of Khost province last month.

In the first five months of 2019, more than nearly 8,600 people suffered casualties.

This is a drop by 16 percent compared to 2018 and 10 percent compared to the same period of 2017. Thus there is a reduction in violence per se year on year.

February saw the lowest level of violence in the past two years a drop of 43 percent which was attributed to the ongoing peace talks.