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Chinese Shipyard hands over Two light stealth Frigates to Bangladesh Navy

Published Apr 09, 2019
Updated Apr 20, 2020

Chinese news agency Xinhua reported on 03 April that two light frigates designed and built by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) for the Bangladeshi navy were delivered on the same day.

The delivery ceremony was held at a CSIC base in Qidong, east China’s Jiangsu Province.

Wu Xiaoguang, deputy general manager of CSIC, said the corporation had a long history of cooperation with the Bangladeshi navy as epr the Xinhua

As per its website, CSIC is one of the largest business groups operating under the central government and is listed on the Fortune Global 500. The group has a total asset base of USD62.95 billion. CSIC’s total workforce numbers around 150,000.  The CSIC group includes a number of well-known shipyards, diesel engine manufacturers and research institutes which are associated with the flagship listed subsidiary. Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. Is a part of the CSIC where the two ships for the Bangladesh Navy were built

As per report Bangladesh finalized the Chinese Type 056 Jiangdao-class corvette called as the Shadhinota class.

While the ships were to be built indigenously it is apparent that Bangladesh is facing problems in upgrading the shipyard at Chittagong and Khulna, thus two ships in the class have been delivered and in service in 2016 and two more have now been delivered. Bangladesh hopes to indigenously built remainder two in the class in the coming years.

Naval Today reports that Bangladesh Navy is operating two ships in this class inducted in January 2016 BNS Swadhinota (F-111) and BNS Prottoy (F112). Naval Today states that the 90-meter ships displace 1330 tonnes and are propelled to a top speed of 25 knots by a double diesel engine with distance adjustable tail rotor with two power stations, in the front and in the back, and electricity supply works with one of the power stations sunk. The ship can accommodate one medium helicopters.

SharpEye I-Band (X-Band) and E/F-Band (S-Band) radars from Kelvin Hughes with MantaDigital tactical display software has been used while radars are used  Tfor surface search and navigation purpose.

The armaments include one H/PJ-26 76 mm main gun, which is a Chinese version of the Russian AK-176, and two H/PJ-17 30mm Gun turrets as remote weapon stations and the FL-3000N surface to air missile (SAM) systemand two C-803 surface to surface missile systems.

The two ships were launched in February and April last year and have now been handed over to the Bangladesh Navy and will be joining in the coming weeks.