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Chinese, Pakistani armies conduct joint counter-terrorism training

Published Jan 10, 2019
Updated Jun 01, 2020

Special Operations Forces of the Pakistan Army and the PLA Army conducted joint counter-terrorism training successfully in the National Counter Terrorism Training Centre (NCTC) in Pabbi, Punjab Province, Pakistan on January 5. So far, the China-Pakistan joint military exercise “Warrior-VI 2018” came to a successful conclusion.

As the last part of the China-Pakistan joint military exercise “Warrior- VI 2018”, the joint training for counter-terrorism operations aimed to explore the methods and modes of defending major objectives and provide valuable experience for the special operations forces of the Pakistani Army and the PLA Army to improve their counter-terrorism operational capabilities.

The exercise was conducted according to a process including multi-dimensional reconnaissance and search, three-dimensional maneuvering deployment and control, comprehensive fire assault exercise, searching and clearing building, air-ground coordinated attack, and joint defense and control.

The in-situ journalists witnessed that under the cover of military helicopters and through conducting reconnaissance and surveillance, three-dimensional blockade and control, directional blasting, and precise sniping, the commandos flushed out the “terrorists” entrenched in the courtyards and bunkers and annihilated the fled “enemies” with air-ground coordination.

Colonel Yang Lei, head of the Chinese team in the joint training and deputy commander of a special operations brigade in the Xinjiang Military Command of the PLA, said that “This joint training has fully demonstrated the mutual trust between Chinese and Pakistani militaries, and enhanced the friendship between the participating officers and soldiers from both sides, which is of great significance to promoting the joint anti-terrorism operational capabilities of the two countries.”

China-Pakistan joint military exercise “Warrior-VI 2018” was officially launched on December 8, 2018. During the exercise, the two sides conducted joint training for anti-terrorism operations, shared counter-terrorism skills, learnt from each other’s expertise, jointly studied methods and exchanged training experiences.