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China to conduct military recruiting twice a year to enhance soldiers’ quality

Published Jan 29, 2020
Updated Feb 26, 2020

China will change its military conscription and retirement frequency from once a year to twice a year, starting from 2020, which is of great significance for recruiting more high-quality soldiers, spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang said.

He made the remarks in a written statement when answering the question: “What is the reason for the change of military recruiting time? “

Ren said the change is another major reform following the adjustment of military recruiting time in 2013. Under the premise of meeting annual military recruiting goal, the Chinese military wants to increase the frequency of military recruiting and reduce the quantity of single military recruiting, thus allowing a smooth flow of troops and always maintaining the military’s high vigilance.

Ren stressed that the change is of great significance for improving the enlistees’ quality and training and enhancing the military’s combat capability.

After the implementation of the new practice, the focus of China’s conscription will remain on recruiting college students and various types of social talents, said Ren in the statement.

Meanwhile China has started this year’s military recruitment of female soldiers, mainly among college students, according to the Ministry of National Defense.

This year’s first recruitment of female soldiers ends on Feb. 15, mainly targeting college graduates and students. The second will run from June 26 to Aug. 15, mainly recruiting female students with high school degrees or above.

Recruits will join the army on March 1 and Sept. 1 respectively.

The recruitment includes procedures of signing up, physical examination and political assessment. Family members of martyrs and soldiers would be given priority.

The Central Military Commission (CMC) has released a set of revised outlines on strengthening the military at the primary level. The outlines, approved by Xi Jinping, chairman of the CMC, will take effect on Feb 1.

The move aims to build primary-level military units that listen to and follow the Party, is capable of fighting and winning and maintain good discipline and excellent conduct. The CMC called for earnest efforts to study and implement the outlines.