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China-Nepal special operations forces joint training

Published Sep 29, 2018
Updated Jul 06, 2020

 The 10-day joint training of Chinese and Nepalese special operations forces (SOF) “Mt.Everest Friendship 2018”, the second of its kind between the two militaries, successfully came to an end in Chengdu on September 27.

On Thursday morning, the closing ceremony for the joint training was carried out at a training range of the PLA Xizang Military Command (MC). During the ceremony, Chinese and Nepalese SOF jointly conducted some comprehensive exercises such as coordinated shooting, climb and fast-rope, traction crossing, special driving, and anti-hijacking drills on vehicles. The leaders of the Chinese and Nepalese militaries issued Certificates of Honor and souvenirs to the participants of the two sides.

Li Shizhong, deputy chief of staff of the PLA Xizang MC, said the joint training marks a significant milestone in the history of the two militaries’ exchanges and is an important measure to deepen the consensus and enhance the mutual trust andunderstanding between the leaders of the two countries and two militaries, which in turn will certainly further promote the in-depth exchanges between the two militaries and push forward the friendly exchanges between the two

Against the backdrop of jointly fighting international terrorism and under the theme of “Hostage Rescue”, the training was divided into two phases of mixed formations and comprehensive exercises.

The two militaries’ officers and soldiers lived, ate, and trained together during the joint training. They have completed tentraining courses including climb and fast-rope, special shooting, and explosives elimination, and also participated in a collaborative exercise whereby the counter-terrorism unit responded to a threat of terrorist hijacking a bus.

The first China-Nepal special operations forces joint training “Mt. Everest Friendship 2017” was held in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal in April 2017.

The Chinese Ministry of Defence reported that according to the agreement between China and Nepal, we carried out the joint counter- terrorism exercise “Sagarmatha Friendship-2018” in Chengdu from September 17th to 28th. We’ve already read media reports on this exercise. This exercise is conducted within the two militaries’ planned exchanges. The main purpose for the exercise is to jointly fight against the international terrorism and the main subject is urban counter-terrorism operations. The two sides did exercises in building joint command posts, carrying out blocking and searching and executing joint counter-terrorism operations. As for the considerations of the Nepalese side, you can refer to the statements  from them.