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Bangla PM Sheikh Hasina Rightly Rejects Proposal for Rakhine Amalgamation

Published Jul 10, 2019
Updated Apr 10, 2020

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promptly rejected the proposal by a US congressman for amalgamation of Myanmar’s Rakhine State into Bangladesh. US Congressman Bradley Sherman has proposed that Rakhine state should be absorbed by Bangladesh to resolve the vexatious Rohingya issue.

 Myanmar has failed to create the right environment for return of over One million refugees who are lodged in Bangladesh at present and has refused to grant them citizenship. Given the sympathetic approach adopted by Bangladesh, Congressman Sherman has possibly considered this a plausible option that will ensure return of the Rohingya to their homeland.

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The proposal however ignores the change of sovereignty over Rakhine a multi ethnic and religious state of Myanmar with Buddhist and Hindu citizens co-habiting with Rohingha Muslims who are not welcome in that area.

As per BD News 24, Prime minister Hasina said, “It’s never right to create troubles inside a sovereign country. And the issue they’ve touched upon is already a burning one. There hasn’t been any peace wherever they have stepped in but instead, it has led to militancy and unrest.” “We are trying to bring peace to this region. But they [US Congressman] are trying to start a fire here. This isn’t acceptable.” She continued: “We have our borders and we are happy with it. We completely disagree with adding another country’s territory to ours. We will never take it.”

As per  BD News 24, Hasina said, “Sherman should instead urge Myanmar to take back its citizens. That would be a humanitarian act. And they should also look into all the human rights violations.”

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Hasina was holding a Press Conference after return from China where she had sought support of the Chinese leadership to influence Myanmar for acceptance of the Rohingya refugees by creating the right environment for the same. Hasina said, “Bangladesh is currently sheltering 1.1 million Rohingyas, which is a big challenge for the country in terms of its environment and security. I have asked the president to use China’s ‘good will’ to ensure the return of Rohingyas to their homeland.” “The Chinese president believes the Rohingya refugees are a big problem for Bangladesh and assured us that China will work on resolving the issue,” she added as per  BD News 24,