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ARSA is not a high calibre army, says AA Maj. Gen. Tun Myat Naing

Published Apr 19, 2019
Updated Apr 20, 2020

Major General Tun Myat Naing (C), commander in chief of the Arakan Army who is currently fighting with Myanmar military in Rakhine State, attends the ceremony held to mark the 30th anniversary of Wa State in Panghsang, also called Pang Kham of autonomous Wa region, north-eastern Myanmar, 17 April 2019. Photo: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA

Maj. Gen. Tun Myat Naing from Arakan Army (AA) said on April 17 that Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) was not the high calibre military.

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He was speaking at a press conference held in Pangseng where self-administered Division Wa, United Wa State Army (UWSA) was celebrating 30th anniversary of signing peace agreement with the then military regime.

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“As far as we know ARSA is not strong and everybody knows this army is not active militarily. We do not underestimate them. They might have their destruction capability but their strength and capability are not high calibre and they are not the battle-hardened army as the government army exaggerates. Even if they have movement and manoeuvre in Maungdaw area, as far as I can see, their area of manoeuvre will not be vast and active,” Maj. Gen. Tun Myat Naing said.