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Afghanistan to join Turkey’s Efes 2020 military drills

Published Dec 23, 2019
Updated Feb 18, 2020

The Afghan National Army will participate for the first time in Efes 2020, one of Turkey’s biggest military exercises as per the ministry of defence in Kabul. Turkey is assisting consolidation of the Afghan National Army in different ways by providing training to the students based in Turkey, treatment of injured Afghan army personnel currently in Turkish hospitals, and continuation of strategic cooperation in the areas of education 700 Afghan cadets were trained in Turkey and up to one hundred injured soldiers received health services in Turkey in 2019 as per the Anadolu Agency.

Turkey’s foreign policy towards Afghanistan is based on four pillars: maintenance of unity and integrity of Afghanistan; providing security and stability in the country; strengthening of broad based political structure in which popular participation is a priority and finally restoration of peace and prosperity by eliminating terrorism and extremism.

In line with these objectives, Turkey makes comprehensive contributions to Afghanistan both on bilateral level and through the efforts of the UN and NATO. Contributing to enhancing Afghanistan’s relations with its neighbours also constitutes one of the principal aspects of Turkey’s policy towards Afghanistan.

Recently with ambitions for regional leadership, Turkey has been trying to expand its clout through assertive involvement in various neighboring regions.Turkey has delivered military aid worth 4.5 million dollars to Afghanistan, as part of the bilateral agreement this year. Ankara ratified a motion to extend the deployment of Turkish troops in Afghanistan for another two years as part of the NATO’s support mission in the war-torn country. 

The legislation that was first passed by the Turkish parliament in 2015 also grants the government authority to permit foreign army personnel to be transported to and from Afghanistan.