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Afghanistan officially starts exporting goods to India through Chabahar

Published Feb 25, 2019
Updated May 07, 2020

In an official ceremony on Sunday, the Afghanistan-Iran-India trade corridor in which Afghanistan will export goods to India through Iran’s southeastern Chabahar Port was inaugurated.

The event was attended by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, along with Iranian Ambassador to Kabul Mohammadreza Bahrami and Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Vinay Kumar, IRNA reported.

As reported, Afghanistan’s first 570-ton export cargo includes 200 tons of grains and 370 tons of talc stone.

In the ceremony, Ghani expressed appreciation for Iran and India’s joint efforts which have led to creating this important trade corridor in the region.

“Chabahar Port is the result of healthy cooperation between India, Iran, and Afghanistan. This will ensure enhanced connectivity and economic growth for the countries.” he said.

Iranian ambassador for his part noted that the infrastructure in Chabahar Port has been significantly upgraded over the past few years, and the next phases of the port will be inaugurated in the coming years.

India launched a trade route to Afghanistan via Iran through shipping its first consignment of wheat to Afghanistan in late October 2017, bypassing longtime rival Pakistan.

In 2016, Iran, India and Afghanistan decided to jointly establish a trade route for land-locked Central Asian countries.

India committed up to $500 million for the development of Iran’s Chabahar Port along with associated roads and rail lines.

Iran’s position on the transit highway connecting Asia to Europe and the southern countries to the landlocked northern countries has made it one of the key logistic services centers in the world. Chabahar port is the only Iranian port on the Indian Ocean, where the government has major ongoing projects to create multi-dimensional transportation facilities.
With the development of Chabahar port, its annual capacity has reached 8.5 million tons per year.

Hundreds of millions of dollars investment in connecting Chabahar to the gateway to Central Asia and Afghanistan and the establishment of Chabahar International Airport are among the plans that develop a complete logistics platform. In addition, Chabahar Free Zone has been suggested as a transit and logistic gateway for Iran’s domestic market which, while reducing the cost and time of transportation it has also provided profitable economic opportunities in development of logistics facilities.