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Afghan Presidential Elections: Preliminary Results Likely This Week

Published Dec 16, 2019
Updated Feb 05, 2020

With Presidential candidate and incumbent CEO Abdullah Abdullah asking his supporters who were currently blocking the offices of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to allow recount of the votes in the seven remaining polling centres in the North, the impasse over vote outcome and declaration of the results appears to be over. 

Presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah  approved recount by Independent Election Commission (IEC) so that “no excuse is left.” “After the elections, the great Afghan people raised their voice against ‘fraud.’ They organized protests to halt fraud by the election commission in the provinces,” said Abdullah.

“We will never accept any partial, preliminary or final results that are fraudulent,” he said. “One side ‘faked’ 700,000 votes and now it tries to show it as 300,000. But the other side wants only transparency and demands legal actions defined by the election law,” he said.

Abdullah noted that the election commission has not acted on its legal responsibilities and it has failed to convince the Afghan people, candidates and the election observers about transparency in the elections. Abdullah also stated that under no circumstances will they accept 102,000 “wrong date and wrong time votes” or the 137,000 questionable votes; however, he said that it’s a first step to show “goodwill” — and he asked the IEC to reconsider its decisions.

Abdullah has indicated that the protests be called off so that there are no excuses for the outcome that may be projected in favour of any candidate. With this the IEC can now do the vote recounting in the seven provinces which had seen protests thus blocking the work of the commission. Meanwhile the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has also called for early declaration of the results. IECC chairperson Zohra Bayan Shinwari has indicated the same to the IEC, thus it is now apparent that the outcome of the Presidential elections may be declared within a week to the most.

The Presidential elections held on 28th September have yet to reach finality given that even the preliminary results have yet to be declared.