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9 political parties hold meet and resolve to continue agitation till CAB is withdrawn

Published Jan 16, 2019
Updated May 28, 2020

Nine political parties have resolved to agitate for withdrawal of the citizenship amendment bill, 2016 from Lok Sabha and to continue holding agitations to press Rajya Sabha to not pass the Bill.

State secretary, communist party of India, Manipur, L. Sotinkumar stated to media persons at G.M. hall, Imphal during a one-day political convention against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016

The political convention was participated by nine political parties namely Communist Party of India, Manipur (CPI); Communist Party of India (Marxist), CPI(M); Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP); Forward Bloc; Nationalist Congress Party (NCP); Aam Aadmi Party (AAP); Peoples’ Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRAJA); Janata Dal (Secular), (JDS) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

Sotinkumar said the political parties will jointly agitate to demand the withdrawal of the CAB-2016 from Lok Sabha and will further agitate to press the Rajya Sabha not to pass the Bill.

He said chief minister, N. Biren has stated after a cabinet decision that Manipur People Bill (MPB), 2018 will supersede CAB if the MPB turns into an Act. He also stated that CAB will not affect Manipur though it affects other states of the country. Sotinkumar said the statement was baseless as it was passed in Lok Sabha and chief minister is making throwing wool in the eyes of the public with his words.

While the State has already been facing serious problems of influx of migrants and illegal immigrants, Lok Sabha has passed CAB, 2019, he further said adding if the Bill turns into Act, there will be massive influx of illegal immigrants affecting the northeastern region, he added.

State secretary, CPI (M), Dr. M. Nara said the assurance of state government regarding the Bill is to get Hindu vote bank. Agitation against the Bill will be continued till the Bill is withdrawn. Recollecting the 2001 incident regarding extension of cease fire, the agitation was finally withdrawn when the agreement was withdrawn, likewise the agitation from various civil bodies, students’ bodies will be withdrawn only if the CAB, 2019 is completely withdrawn, Nara said.

Agitation would be jointly intensified with others bodies of the state, in order to stop the agitation the Bill must be withdrawn, Nara claimed.

He further demands an emergency session of the Assembly to urge the Central government to withdraw the Bill.

Convenor of PRAJA, Erendro Leichombam said the statement of chief minister, N. Biren which stated that the CAB-2019 will not affect the people of Manipur is misleading the people into another direction in order to suppress the agitation which have been raising against the bill.

The bill will be affecting every states of the country and how can the chief minister assure that the bill will not affect the State. If this happens, then will there be a separate citizenship bill for Manipur despite of other states or the statement of chief minister means an independent Manipur, he added.

He said if the bill turns into an act, it could bring communal conflicts between the ethnic communities as the bill gives priority on Hindus. The agenda of central government is to create communal tensions under the umbrella of the bill and to extract the resources from the region, said Erendro.

After the convention, the nine political parties staged a rally towards Governors’ bungalow but the state police blocked the rally from the initial position (G.M. hall). After negotiation between the two, the rally continued and ended after crossing western Kangla gate traffic island.

Protestors chanted slogans such as ‘down down BJP’, ‘long live Manipur’, ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ which translated as “Long live the revolution!” and others.