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7th round of ‘Political Dialogue’ with Kuki militants held at Delhi

Published Jun 26, 2019
Updated Apr 11, 2020

Two umbrella bodies of Kuki militants, Kuki National Organisation (KNO) and United People’s Front (UPF) today met government officials of both the Centre and the State for the 7th round of ‘political dialogue’ at New Delhi.

Interlocutor to Kuki Militant, AB. Mathur, chaired today’s talks which was attended by president KNO, PS Haokip and chairman of UPF, Thanglenpao who are the top leaders of the two umbrella groups. This was a historic moment as the leaders of the two umbrella groups took part in the talks held between the government and the militant groups.

“The dialogue is progressing very positively,” said KNO spokesperson, Dr Seilen Haokip. When inquired on the today’s agenda, he stated that they are dealing with the provision of the constitution in place.

“A comparative study of the Bodo Territorial Council (BTC) is being done, to be specific. We are pushing with our demand for Territorial Council (TC) based on the BTC pattern, and seeking for a means to improve it (TC),”he said.

It may be mentioned that the Kuki militants began their armed rebellion, initially demanding for a separate state for the Kukis scattered in different part of the Northeastern states and parts of Myanmar. Later, they stepped down from their earlier demand and pitched for “Territorial Council.”

The two umbrella bodies had submitted the outline of the TC during their sixth round of political talks on January 10 last.

Haokip stressed that according to their findings, the Bodos are not satisfied with BTC particularly the implementation process.

Haokip further stated, “The BTC looks very good on paper, but the issue lies with its non-implementation and we do not want the same to happen to us. If so, then the talks will reach nowhere.”

On August 22, 2008, the tripartite suspension of operation (SoO) agreement was signed by KNO and UPF with the government of India and Manipur. There are a total 25 armed Kuki groups operating in the State, out of which eight are under the United Peoples’ Front (UPF) while 17 are under the KNO.